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Psynergy Mental Health is leading innovations in how mental health is understood and managed.

Our products empower individuals and organisations to take control of their mental health leading to sustainable positive change.


Advancing mental health for the 21st century.

We are passionate about improving mental health for all. But to do that, we need radical change. Our digital approach addresses this need for change, making quality mental healthcare accessible to all.

We work closely with clinicians and academics within the NHS to provide personal mental health programmes and tools to help individuals understand multiple dimensions of their mental health. By having a full understanding of your mental health, you are better placed to receive suggestions and implement personalised strategies to improve and maintain your mental wellbeing.

We also work with organisations to encourage a preventative approach and promote a positive workplace culture towards mental health.

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Welcome to the POPs: Psynergy Objective Programmes

Our mental health programmes, fit for the 21st century.

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cast its shadow.

Support our campaign of not allowing poor mental health to cast its shadow.

Please feel free to download and use our posters to raise awareness and kickstart your own campaign for mental health.

Laura Bathgate
HR and complaints manager SSB law, UK
The products provided by Psynergy Mental Health really make it easy to promote a culture of ongoing mental health awareness, the services provide solutions enabling individuals and organisations to access a diverse range of toolkits and support that are person centred.  This new and dynamic approach to mental health awareness means that organisations such as ourselves can better support our staff and embrace mental health as an ongoing and ever changing state of mind as opposed to just something which typically may only become a discussion point when mental health becomes poor.
Professor John Nauright
New Haven University, USA
A game-changer when it comes to how we can deliver precision mental health. Programmes can be delivered at the organisational or individual level, allowing a flexibility that we hadn’t previously seen.
Dr Frederik Ewbank
University Hospitals Southampton, UK
It is very difficult clinically to capture objective markers of mental health, particularly in a way that can be done remotely. Psynergy’s platform makes things much easier and really has the potential to improve outcomes.
Dr Ragav Manimaran
University College London Hospitals, UK
As a doctor, I’ve seen first-hand the importance of addressing mental health needs across society, especially within workplaces. Psynergy empowers employers to support their staff with personalised evaluations that help to improve mental health outcomes.
Mr Steve Gibson
People Business Partner, Sheffield City Trust, UK
I enjoyed the whole process of working with Psynergy. So forward thinking and innovative in their science led approach to mental health.
Psynergy helped us to think about how we would create a mental health strategy for our organisation. Working with Psynergy was really straight forward.

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