Dr Angela Day

Head of Counselling and Wellbeing

Originally trained and working as a Dentist, I have personally experienced declining mental health. After seeking help and working with a counsellor, I have developed my own self-worth and stabilised my mental health. Through this process, I have qualified as a counsellor and psychotherapist to help others gain insights into their own mental health and improve their mindset to live a more fulfilled life. Further training and experience in, for example, counselling people through bereavement and trauma, has allowed me to work with a wide range of issues faced by people from all walks of life to understand their mental health, the impact of their experiences and how to manage their symptoms to minimise their affect.

Within Psynergy Mental Heath, I gather your information and assimilate the data to help you understand your current mental health and briefly discuss areas to work on that may help you improve this. Following on from this, we can then discuss how we could work further together for a set of sessions to explore and integrate these learnings into your life to stabilise your mental health.