Dr Danyal Akarca

Clinical Director

There is currently a crisis in how mental health problems, the most prominent of which include depression and anxiety, are treated across the world. One reason for this stems from a lack of objective measures that are used in psychiatry. Without objective measures, clinicians make simplistic clinical diagnoses that unfortunately do not effectively translate when trying to develop new treatments and interventions that are specific to the individual.

We founded Psynergy Mental Health to help pioneer this field; aiming to translate scientific knowledge within psychiatric medicine and the neurosciences toward the goal of providing highly personalised, robust and evidence-based profiles of each individual. In doing so, we hope to develop the field of precision psychiatry.

I am a doctor and neuroscientist, currently funded by the Medical Research Council and Cambridge Trust to conduct PhD research at the University of Cambridge in neuroscience. As part of my research, I utilise data-driven computational and AI methods to understand the nature of brain organisation and how it relates to cognition and mental health outcomes.