Dr Ritesh Aggarwal

Managing Director

I personally understand the huge negative impact that the wrong organisational culture and poor workplace environment can have on mental health. I spent the past few years working in organisations that had a poor attitude towards its workforce, was not very supportive, expected results without providing any resources and as a result, workplace relationships became strained. This had a detrimental effect on my mental health, which prior to this experience, was good.

I believe we all have mental health that includes the following: (1) Mentally healthy – we feel good the majority of the time. (2) Mentally unhealthy – we feel good some of the time but we also have ill mental health some times and this ill health starts to occur more often than not. (3) Mentally ill – we feel mentally ill the majority of the time.

Over the years I went from mentally healthy to mentally ill which culminated in my departure from the organisations I was involved with. It also had a huge impact on my personal life where I found little enjoyment in doing the things I used to love, such as watching movies or listening to music. It created tension in my relationships with friends and family, my tolerance levels were very low and I became snappy towards loved ones. The positive from this is that I now feel somewhere between mentally unhealthy and mentally healthy. I am starting to feel a bit like my old self. I achieved this by gaining a deeper understanding of my mental health, taking responsibility and ownership of it and implementing small changes to create a positive mindset and attitude towards my emotional wellbeing. I now have a much better work-life balance that has improved all aspects of my lifestyle. Professionally I feel more at ease and more content. I still have episodes of mental illness but now I am more equipped to deal with these testing times. I have regular mental wellness checks to help me stay on track and continually understand my mental health. If things start to deteriorate I can carry out bespoke strategies to prevent the issue escalating to harmful levels.

We are passionate about Psynergy Mental Health as we believe that by understanding your own individual mental health holistically, you can get the appropriate support needed to help you stay mentally healthy at all times.