Psynergy Objective Programme


Our gold-standard mental health programme allows you to access next generation cognitive testing and brain activity measurements.

Through the testing process, we determine multiple dimensions of your mental health and our consultants provide actionable advice.

Our ultimate mental health assessment,
shaping the future of mental healthcare.

The POPeeg combines all the features of the POPcog, however, we capture further objective data of your brain activity. We do this by measuring the electrical activity in your brain which provides us with data, specific to you.

By combining all of the data-sets we are able to understand your mental health in greater detail. This allows us to recommend intervention strategies for mental wellbeing maintenance and improvement, leading to optimal results.

Remote access allowing for part of your mental health assessment to be conducted at your convenience, in the comfort of your own home in a Covid-19 safe environment

Utilises traditional medically validated subjective mental health questionnaires

Evidence based cognitive testing, all within your own time

In-person, scientifically researched EEG assessment, recording brain activity measurements during rest and task. This is completely painless and very easy to carry out

Instant access to our booking system to schedule your appointment with our Psynergy Consultant

Remote or face-to-face feedback allows for reporting of results as well as a joint discussion to allow you to agree the next steps to move forward.

Our Psynergy Consultants are trained counsellors providing you with access to professional support

Complete confidentiality and ownership over your data

Have regular mental wellness checks at your convenience to improve and maintain your mental wellbeing

How does it work?


Purchase your assessment

This allows you remote access to our secure online platform. Start and complete the assessment at your own convenience.


Complete your subjective assessment

We ask you targeted questions relating to your mental health. This information ranges from basic demographic information, to past medical history and medically validated mental health screening tools. All information is completely secure and compliant with UK, EU and US rules.


Complete your cognitive games

Cognitive tests give us another dimension to understand how your brain functions. These tests are relevant and provides us with objective data to help understand your mental health. By combining this information with what you have already told us, we can build an accurate picture of your mental health.


Have your brain activity measured via eeg

Electroencephalography (EEG) is a non-invasive way of measuring the electrical activity that your brain produces all of the time. In the recording process, we collect data from you at rest and during mental tasks. We use this brain data to enhance our understanding of your complete mental health profile.



Our Certified Psynergy Consultant will outline what results we found, and will chat with you about your mental health, and any specific issues or concerns you may have. We provide personal advice and solutions, as necessary. Following the feedback session, we upload your finalised, agreed report to your dashboard. This allows you to refer back to your report at any time you wish.


Implement positive change

By understanding your mental health in more detail, and through discussion with your Psynergy Consultant you can now take forward steps to improve and maintain your mental wellbeing. This will lead to sustained behavioural change resulting in personal better outcomes. Regular mental wellness checks over time will help you maintain your mental wellbeing for optimal results.

What's involved?

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What is involved in the EEG session?

What is involved in the 1-on-1 feedback session?

What is the difference between the POPcog and the POPeeg?


For individuals



  • 1-on-1 session with a Certified Psynergy Consultant

  • In-person EEG assessment, measuring brain activity

  • Full access to online platform to complete the subjective and cognitive measures

  • Personal report available to download with all information and agreed next steps for immediate positive change

For organisations of any size

15+ user discounts available
  • Provide POPeeg mental health assessments for your workforce

  • Ensure your organisation are providing our gold-standard mental healthcare, and your people are appropriately managed

    A bespoke package tailored to your requirements

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