Psynergy Objective Programme


There are so many guidelines out there on how to best enact good mental health practices in organisations, but how do you start?

With the POPstrategy, it is all in one place and ready to go.

Implement a mental health strategy to support the people of your organisation.

A simple and easy-to-use hub of all of your mental health resources, policies and guidelines. All in one place and regularly updated by our experts so you can be confident that your mental health strategy is aligned to current regulations.

The POPstrategy is designed for seamless integration within the operations of your organisation – no matter how large or small.

An easy to use customised e-document, with your personal URL and branding

Policies that are downloadable and completely customisable to your organisational needs

Easy-to-use checklists aligned with national and international guidelines, including HSE management standards and ISO45003:2021

Regular updates from our experts decreases your burden

Increase mental health knowledge and understanding

Increase your ability to support others as well as yourself

Know when and where to signpost colleagues if necessary

Create a mentally healthy workplace for the benefit of all

How does it work?


Purchase your strategy

You’ll be asked what the name of your organisation is, and your website URL. This allows us to customise the strategy in line with your branding. We then get in touch with you with all the details of your documentation and provide editor access to a single user of your preference.


Seamless e-documentation ready for use

Instant access to your mental health strategy for you to start implementing within your organisation.


Customise, download and learn. All at your convenience.

Work through the sections individually and with your team to broaden your understanding of workplace mental health. Download policies and customise them specific to your organisation.



By implementing the POPstrategy within your workforce, you are taking the necessary steps to support your employees. This will help to create a mentally healthy workplace culture resulting in positive outcomes leading to long term, sustained organisational change.

What's involved?

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Your strategy

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Downloadable policies

Bespoke checklists

Individual and organisational guides

Personalised platform

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