Receive data driven insights analysing all aspects of mental health culture within your organisation.

Within minutes, set up a mental health platform and get all the information you need to provide actionable, sustained, positive change for your organisation, no matter how big or small.

Understand the mental health of your organisation.

Based on the most recent mental health standards, you can be certain you are gathering all the information you need to provide actionable change for the benefit of all.

By including all members of your workforce, you will have a better understanding of your organisational needs with regards to improving mental wellbeing.

A personal mental health platform for your organisation

Gather insights from your workforce, confidentially, that helps you understand the wellbeing of your organisation

Immediate report generation detailing areas where you are doing well, as well as areas that may require improvement

Instant data availability allows you to focus your attention towards areas of greater need

Create an inclusive mental health culture by allowing all of the workforce to take part and make positive suggestion for change

Demonstrate evidence of your organisation's mental wellness rating

Easily repeatable, multiple reports over time allow you to assess the impact of organisational change

How does it work?


Purchase users

This allows you to access your personal dashboard and will allow you to start inviting users.


Add users to your dashboard via a URL or their email

By inviting users (via a URL or their email), it allows them to start their POPorg. Each user is provided with a login, allowing them to fill out the POPorg at a time of their convenience.


get your data driven insights

As results come in, you can see anonymous insights relating to mental health and wellbeing. All with the knowledge that you’re capturing precisely what you need to know. Download your complete report, as well as your Psynergy Mental Health Wellness Certificate. For those who may want it, your data can be downloaded as a randomised, anonymous and secure .csv file.


Implement positive change

Analyse your report in detail and understand areas that require focused attention for improvement. By understanding the needs of your workforce, you will be able to implement the necessary changes to create long term sustained organisational change and an all inclusive mental health culture.

What's involved?

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Your questions answered

What insights are captured?

How do I add users?

Can I download raw results for my own internal review?

What about privacy?



£4.95 / user / month

- £200 set-up fee
- £4.95 (*max price) / user / month
- 20% discount for annual payments (Minimum 12-month contract)

Access to a minimum of 2 data collection cycles (unlimited as desired)

Real-time data collection

Psynergy AI analysis

Provisional action plans with a timeline for implementation

Data-driven suggestions to improve your organisation

Automated and downloadable reporting

Certificate evidence of achievements

Support resources for all users to improve and maintain their personal wellbeing

Access to Psynergy Network and partners for your business requirements

*Bespoke price reductions are available depending on the number of users.
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